You do Better when you know better






The stages of grief when you find out and apply that when you know better you do better.


Judge a Book by It’s Content

Dandelions in the fields

Weeds that help to heal

Some pull and pluck and kill

The plant is a weed

Something too ill

Not knowing the speed

To cure, mend, and feed

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Judge a book by it’s content

Everything has a purpose and grace

Even in the most forsaken place

The weed thrives, cures, and blooms

History’s Baggage Turned Into Blessings

If your hands are full of hate

You can’t receive peace

If your heart is full of bitterness

You have no room for love

If your mind is full of fear

You can’t think of paths as clear

If you hang on to history’s baggage

You can’t fly into promised lands

Sometimes loosing is not a loss

If you are opening and making room

For what is yet to come

New Year Absolutionns or Resolutions

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New Year New Me

as if the old me was not me

as if I have to renounce

or never pronounce

what created, molded, taught,

and shaped

who I be

New year resolutions

turned into absolutions

but only if and only

if you actually meet them

I am me

this new year

I’ll be me

next new year, I’ll be me

stronger, wiser, better, faster,

resting, doing, achieving

failing, succeeding

adding subtracting


Not because it’s a new year

Not because it’s a new me

but because I know life changes regardless

there is no pause

no new year needed to change

or stay the same if that works