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Welcome to The Grind at Wordsofarte.org

I am an author and student of words.  I have written, read, and interpreted words for as long as I can remember.  I was the kid that was often told I talked too much, wrote in deep verse, and read books beyond my age.  I learned that if I could not speak it, I could interpret it in writing.  Words are powerful, the ones we tell ourselves especially, and the ones we speak out loud.  I am not afraid to shed light on issues that can potentially improve, raise a thought,  or convey a sentiment to the reader. I consider myself an artist of words, the canvas is the paper, and my inspiration is every experience I get to live.  Words can hurt, but they can also heal; they are powerful emotions expressed through the art of writing.

My art is geared towards developing thought within the reader.  Freedom of Speech and Expression.  My goal is to make you think beyond the cages of imposed labels, belief systems, culture, religion, or societal expectations.  My challenge to you is also to spark a thought that may open your mind to a different perspective.  My wish for my readers is for them to independently interpret my work, develop a thought, and acquire a different perspective while honoring their culture, religion, sexual preference, dichotomy, and family dynamics.

My purpose is to motivate and inspire others to live life to the fullest. The magic of overcoming internal or external obstacles with a positive perspective exists within our personal dialogue. The present moment is all we are given and we choose how we walk on that journey.  Life brings pain, sorrow, joy, sadness, grief, love, and happiness. We are ultimately the authors of our own lives if we choose to hold the pen that writes our present verse and future story.  Life begins every day we wake up, you get a chance every day you open your eyes to do with your life as you wish.

Life is a gift, a word, and you get to create your own story.

LetyM ❤


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    • I have become one yes. I saw his work on television A New Earth with Oprah and become I intrigued with his view on life. I eventually read his bio and information on his website and could relate to the moment of awakening for him. I decided to bring his book to Philadelphia and read some more. Interesting views and amazing insight.


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