Love is not only, if, but, it simply is.


Love is

“Of all the virtues, love is the most important, for, without it, life would lack life, emotion, healing, and growth. It is the necessary element of a fulfilled existence, love for ourselves and another.” LetyM

I will love you if, but only if you

when you get better and after you get something

when you begin or only if

I will love you only until

when you decide to, after you lose the

when you stop or if only

I will love you, but you better start to

She turned to her left, and she turned to her right

She looked behind her and in towards the front of her

She dug deep into her skin until her pores began to suffocate

She sat on the floor cuddled into a ball bringing her knees to her chest

She put her face down, slowly for a second

She lifted her head, waiting, searching

She unfolded her fetal position and blinded by the darkness

She began to take a step and move her shriveled muscles

Shaking, sweating, breathing faster

She cannot stand as she nearly bends

She puts one foot on the ground,

She slowly pushes against the ground below her

She plants one foot and then the other

Standing with arms dangling by the sides

She manages to lift her face up and look ahead

Not to the left or to the right

Not looking behind her

She looked into the mirror and whispered I will love you only if

She looked into the mirror and spoke I can only love you when

She looked into the mirror and screamed

This time without budging and claiming her space

I love you, because you are worthy of life

She never looked back again





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