Today is Tomorrow, Not Yesterday

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today is here

yesterday is gone

tomorrow is to come

stressing about yesterday

ruins your today

and creates your tomorrow

blessed be

and live your present

to create your future



Story of a Flower

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What is a flower

start from a bud

from a tiny little seed

that grows when you feed

no need for greed

a simple flower flourished

cared, watered, nourished

the pedals feathered

multicolored weathered

storms, rains, winds, and hail

the tiny plant prevail

from a seed, bud, plant, flower

photosynthesis bloom

Organized Chaos :) Journey Through The Mind of a Writer

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Debths are levels

Levels can be devils

Devils might be rebels

Perhaps Angels


Permeating thoughts

Developing Plots

Story Line, Paragraph, Block

Cloudy Thoughts

Birthed lead to Clearance

Cathartic Spaces

Divine Places

Rooms in Chaos

Transcend to Melodies, Rhyme, and Flow

The Hands of a writer wrote

The Minds of the author grow

Words of Arte

You may not rise on the third day

We wait until Sunday to look fancy

We wait for our birthdays to celebrate life

We delay gratification

for the perfect destination

We don’t take a risk

for the sake of not being brisk

We don’t say I love you

out of fear of rejection

If today was your last day

would you still wait for the next?

Happy Easter

We may not get a 3rd day to rise

but we get every day to live fully


Mourning Words

Mourning Words

Sadness, depression, obsessions

Sedation, regression, never liberation

Words Can Oppress

The Spirit Impress

Into an empty address

Some people mourn daily

Not realizing, In the blink of an eye

In the breath of inspiration

With purposeful exhalation

Permeation through flesh

In the depths of a word

Submerged Mourning Words

If altered and suffocated

Transformed into Morning Words

Daily Dose

Who you follow may be lost

Lights are blinding

Lights are guiding

Paths are winding

Paths unwinding

Closing doors one after another

Opening doors one right after the other

The blind can see

The ones that can see are blind

The blind can’t see

Moral of the story

Be mindful of who you follow

They may be lost too

We all have been there

Until we find our way through

Familiar Odd Fit

I have always been the odd fit

The stand out belong

The misunderstood accepted

The strange but familiar

The weird that is normal

The unrelatable familiar

The opposite same

The rejected accepted

The uncomfortably comfortable

The almost that made it

The quitter that finished

The brave, courageous, bold, afraid y con ovarios

Misfit Renegade

Who chose to be me

Sometimes you are meant to stand out

Sometimes that is what makes you fit in

Through The Eyes of a Writer

A paper and pen

A type writer and screen

An object or thing

Experience or theme

Are Nothing

Until the emotion is portrayed

The interpretations conveyed

Given birth, life, and air

Through the eyes of the writer