4-I Can

Let go of I can't

Let go of I can’t

If You Think You Can or If You Think You Can’t Either Way You are Right.
Henry Ford


I have heard a lot about superficial beauty and the capabilities of my existence because I am a woman.  I have also encountered the predetermined limitations of goals, dreams, ambitions.  The breakout of standards and achievements society imposes is fundamental to growth regardless of the circumstances.  The lack of “breakout” would rip our lifetime of important figures in history. There would be no politicians, leaders, singers, actors, authors, poets, teachers, activists, peace seekers, entrepreneurs, journalists, doctors, nurses, dreamers.  The important changes that occur in any culture for the betterment of the world. The peak of self definition is to arrive to the realization that when we stop comparing ourselves, when we stop closing our own doors, when we free our minds to the moment, and stop seeking external validation to honor our existence we open the doors to, I can.


The body we are given in this lifetime is the only body we are gifted.  It is a shell that can crawl, run, breath, speak, sleep, live. Life gives each one of us the same amount of minutes, hours, days, months and years.  It takes growth to encourage, love, live, achieve, succeed.  The hurdles in life are realistic, the setbacks and pitfalls in life’s circumstances are unavoidable.  The biggest mountain we will ever encounter is the one predisposed by our self imposed limitations.


Feeling comfortable in your own skin is the best gift you can give yourself, the power to believe is in you.  We are created with flaws and imperfections, they are meant to build character. The reason pencils have erasers. One’s flaws are not superior to another’s flaws.


History is our best teacher.  The major transformations in our cultures near and far capitalized our existence not in times of war, but in times of prosperity and peace.  Stars cannot shine without darkness, it is a balance.  The mindset of I can permits the ability to accomplish tasks at a small or grand scale.   Hate and War do not heal, Love heals and it allows the continuation of living a life with a greater purpose in peace, harmony, motivation, inspiration, acceptance.  There is a frame within our minds that should be untouchable, the place where no criticism or negative thinking should be allowed to live and be nurtured.  The word I can’t does not exist.


We can close our eyes, nose and ears to imperfections, predisposed notions, and negativity or we can choose to open our eyes, breath in life, and hear the voice of possibility.  The choice for change is within each and everyone of us.  The choice and change starts within me.

I can/I can’t


Give Can’t a second of your life, give Can the rest of your life.

Live, Laugh, Love, Motivate & Inspire


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