Poetry allows for the development of writing thoughts into words, much like an artist. It is a form of expression of the mind written into paragraphs. It has always been part of my life, it requires no perfection only expression.

New endings are beginnings

and beginnings only come from endings

what appears to be history

is often viewed as mystery

what force that may sway

or moves forward lead way

Is it the scent of a Rose

or a chemical pose

Do you dare write the prose?

or run like a horse?

the endings are often beginnings

and beginnings can only result from endings

for there is always a future

after the suture

as you cut off what weighs

and look for what stays

new endings become beginnings

and beginnings are born from endings

In the End

there is no endings




Let go of dismay

Let go of dismay

“You can only loose something that you have, but you cannot loose something that you are” Unknown


The routine of daily life can be filled with multiple obligations. We have bills to pay, jobs, homework, housework, raising a child, hobbies, volunteer work, grocery lists, the lists go on and on. It is a talent and wonder to find the time to eat, sleep, socialize and look half way “presentable.” However, if you have a goal in mind, and you want to succeed, you must find your inner center and motivation.


The ability to create your own kind of paradise is within you. The place where regardless of the perceptions, obligations and organized chaos, peace is found. The place beyond all negative self talk and experiences.   The kind of place I am describing, is that place that centers you, and allows your energy to relax, recharge, and remain motivated to meet your goals, regardless of your surroundings.


I had several obligations in my younger years. I had to get up at 5a.m. water plants, cook breakfast for myself and brother, work on the weekends with my father, keep up with school work, and wake up earlier to catch a bus to school if I wanted to play basketball. I had obligations at home, and had to find the place within myself, to remain motivated and committed to something I enjoyed doing.

I had to push past the negative talk, obligations, routines and excuses if I wanted to be part of something I enjoyed at the time. The lessons I learned from those obligations, was the ability to develop a center of focus and motivation at a very young age. I have allowed myself to be out of center at times, but I have learned to let go of those instances within me and allow time to refocus.
“All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness.”
Eckhart Tolle

This place of inner peace, is a place where no negative thoughts are allowed.  It is a place where presence and stillness remains.  I don’t contemplate how far I have come or how much further I have to go, or if I made the wrong or right choice.  It is a place for me to let go of any distraction and choose to remain, centered and motivated.


There is no perfect person, place or thing.  There is only realization.


When you choose to become aware and make the decision to live, you give life to yourself and those around you. The ability to find the energy of stillness, rest, motivation and forward thinking in your surroundings, is not a mystical code. It is a conscious decision and understanding that you are alive and you matter.

Our Lady of the Tourch

True Freedom

Source of Inspiration

statue of liberty

Torch held high, she welcomes
all to the land of the free.
It used to be very clear
what freedom is
but it isn’t any more.

Who is free in the world
of masked slavery
kept in rat’s mazes
tied to never ending mortgages
inhibited by social demands?

Can one be free in a war torn
land, or when one is hungry
afraid, restricted at every turn?

Yet I can tell you, yes, for freedom
must come from within;
when you are filled
with the knowing of the soul,
nothing will ever imprison
you again.

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