Yesterday is not today
and today is not tomorrow
the future is not someday
shed away your tears & sorrow
When you live in the dark
you reside in the past
that is no place to park
take a step, fear you will cast
plan for the future, don’t forget about today
for tomorrow you will wish, you didn’t wait for someday
As I point my finger to the sky
I know I can prep, sear and fly
notice it is not my middle finger
for bitterness, amazingly, surprise, does not linger
If you leave room in your heart
to continue hating what may part
you will miss out on the moment
to be loved, love,live and write a sonnet
to negativity I always wish well
In hate I don’t tend to dwell
Positive thinking is my wheel
It has allowed my soul to heal
what is life but a chance to walk and live
you don’t agree? that’s okay, I believe
that people will judge you, people will talk about you
people will hate you, people will love you
people will support you, people will be there for you
but to be content
with lack of pretense
you shall learn from the same
life is simple not a game
if people judge you, don’t judge people
open heart, open mind, watch and learn
if people talk about you, try not to talk about people
no need to respond, not because you are better, or bitter, but because you learn better
people will hate you, try not to hate people
at the end of the day, you will poison your soul
people will love you, learn to love people
when you shine from within, you allow others to show authentic, love heals
people will support you, learn to support people
focus on the positive, get rid of the negative and celebrate
people will be there for you, learn to be there for people
but never give more than you are able to give
for you must treasure your heart and be open to receive
Life is one
and it will be what you make it
you simply can’t fake it
Where you put your energy, life is formed


Live, Laugh, Love


The next chapter on this blog post will be Live, Laugh, Love. I have decided to split it into poetry, it is one of the things I enjoy writing the most. Poetry is the space my heart and soul seeks rest, as any artist or person with passion within would understand.

This chapter is important to me. It speaks of the moment you decide to Live, Laugh and Love, as you realize there is only one life. There are no second chances. I was reminded of this when I saw a fellow nurse at a cancer benefit. The life was drained from her eyes and soul. I could see she just wanted to rest. In that moment, I realized how fortunate I was to live as my heart broke in front of the old version of myself. The main difference between her and I, the fact that I was still here, present on this earth, her life was drained. She has children and a few days of life left if not hours. This brave soul as she takes her final breaths and mourns for her family, made me see the version of myself I had become in life. Numb, tired, ready to give in, a blank slate.

I am thankful for that experience, it made me appreciate life in a different perspective. As I saw her, I realized I am alive, and life is too short for anything else other then to

Live, Laugh, Love




I know what I know, I know I don’t know.


There are hearts that seek rest
and fumble on a quest
Is it inner contemplation
or superficial observation
perhaps cooping inhalation
or venting exhalation
In the challenge of me
that has turned into we
necessary inner closure
to expose a different version
when attempts are made to keep
the inner mysteries I sleep
This much I have come to know
to be true of loss or hope
The heart will always seek a home
borders, linings, language, verse will roe
True love is not a game
Is a desire that is born from flames
it knows no color, gender, race or sorrow
it seeks shelter in tomorrow
To feel is a language spoken by many
understood by few, played by plenty
Sentiments are binding
love is always climbing
Either way the coin is tossed
there is no gain or loss
there are always hearts that seek
a person they may meet and keep
A soul that finds rest
is home finally at best
for in the end of all this perceived quest
love is what we seek
and you see, I understand

that I know what I know

I know I don’t know



Is it a rollercoaster
or a wall poster
the essence of perception
perhaps an objective observation
There is no relation
to before here and after
there is a correlation
to continue to move faster
slow faster slow faster
When you are on the floor
perhaps look up for more
when you find yourself sitting
one must keep on knitting
eventually stand up
and continue to walk
eventually you can run
looking forward never back
then suddenly you stop
silence stillness day and night
decide to stand and look around
and suddenly you are found
in a moment of steadiness
the moment of readiness
Life is about living
life is about loving
life is about falling
life is about standing
life is not a one man sorrow
or a soul that remains hollow
you stand, you breath, you see, you feel
and it all becomes part of life
and from that moment on
you live

It Will Come

My thoughts today, Life Cycles.

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Since The Beatles are my all-time favorite band and George is my favorite Beatle, this song inspired my words this poem.

The darkness will come

but not for long

for soon too will come the sun

the hours of anxiety and despair will pass

you will have peace

even if the day is clouded with doubt

never doubt that the sun is behind the clouds

ready to burst out and shine

no matter how things look or what the circumstances say

darkness is temporary

but that beautiful sun inside of you is here to stay

and with each new morning that rises

is an opportunity to shine just by being you

the darkness will come

but not for long

for soon too will come the sun

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9-Mountains into Minigoals

Let go of overwhelmed

Let go of overwhelmed

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.”
Henry Ford


What are the Mountains in you life? Do you have goals you wish to achieve that appear impossible? Have you ever attempted to succeed only to fail?


New goals can become daunting, they can become our biggest motivation or obstacle. Obstacles will always be a part of daily living, especially when setting new goals. The ability to reach those goals can appear impossible when confronted with setbacks and detours. When the task at hand becomes overwhelming, the ability to turn mountains into mini goals is imperative to achieve your definition of success.
When confronted with Mountains to overcome in order to reach your destination you must divide them into mini goals. Leave your self no other option but to move forward and push past the discouragement you will encounter, do not allow yourself time to become overwhelmed by your surroundings, the ability to succeed is ultimately your responsibility.
imageIt is healthy to take time to regroup, reconnect, reanalyze, reenergize step away from the noise to find yourself, but never quit.


imageIt is your life, no one else can live it for you.

When you compare your success to that of others, you will fail. The minute you decide to break your tasks into segments and steps to arrive at your destination is the minute you decide to become an active part of your achievements.
I had tried out for basketball and failed, my choices where to either watch my life pass me by and decide failure is my only option, or learn from the experience and return to my life as an achiever, nothing less than.

imageYou have to push past the noise, self doubt, nay Sayers and discouragement and leave yourself no other option.
imageYou have to learn to believe.imageI had to take time run, get in shape, practic pass, shoot baskets, whatever it takes.  Basketball taught me that in order to achieve a goal, you must be willing to learn from failure, put the time in, shed excuses, block out the unbelievers and look ahead, never look back.

imageWhen you accomplish one goal, however small that goal maybe, give yourself credit, you deserve it.

You can choose to stand on the sidelines and watch or you can decide to move forward.
Practice and persistence breeds excellence. It does not mean it will be perfect, without setbacks, or obstacles, it means you decided to set goals, move forward and breakdown the barriers one step at a time.
imageLearn from what did not work, turn your mountains into mini goals, create a plan of action and look ahead.  The future is called future for a reason, the past does not exist, it only lives as long as you provide life to it.  Learn from the past, leave it where it belongs and always take a step, however small that step is it will bring you closer to the future you care to live.


Live, learn and press on.