10-Own Your Story

Let go of anything that does not serve you, grow you, or strengthen you.

Let go of anything that does not serve you, grow you, or strengthen you.


“Our Lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
Martin Luther King Jr.


“Some see a weed, some see a wish, some see a seed.  At the end of the day it does not matter what anybody else sees, it matter what you believe, see and think.  It is your life and not one person will live or care for your own life more than you will.  Live your life with some passion, some compassion, love and understanding of everyone else’s differences in life. Your heart and mind will thank you for it. “


What is your story?? What inspires, drives or persuades your life?? Do you own your life and story or do you allow others to define what is “appropriate” within a predisposed scope of life’s definition?


We grow up in different environments, cultures, backgrounds, religions, financial hierarchies.  Our lives at times are exposed and open wether we agree or disagree.  We grow up in cities, towns and communites and our lives will be exposed in some form or another.  Do you stand back and watch as life passes you by, or will you take a stand, take 100% for anything that happens in your life and direct the course of your story??


We have proud moments in our lives and we have those moments we wish we could erase.  I have found for myself the more I tried to erase my story, the more I found it in the walls, the ceiling, the dirt the air.  The moment I decided to own my story, regardless of my circumstances is the day I was able to begin to live in the moment, create a present and take charge of my future.


I don’t introduce myself as my past, nor do I correct people who feel they know my story.


 We have to make the decision to own our story and be responsible for every moment we live. You are the only person that can decide to stop inviting your past thoughts and behaviors. The ability to reach your desired potential in business and life requires only two things, thought and action.




You decide if you become part of the noise or focus and create your life.



The minute you decide to embrace your flaws to learn, improve and teach, is the minute you decide to free yourself from apologies and from giving the power to someone else to define who you are.


The statistics are always on television, news, radio, if you want to develop anxiety about the future turn on the television.  I am not stating television is a negative thing, I watch television and I read the paper and I lessen to the radio. I am referring to the section about statistics and backgrounds. The chances of you succeeding are determined by your background? I don’t buy that.


When you choose to focus on progress and achievement, you will be successful and when you learn that other’s people’s opinions are of others for a reason, not only will you be successful, you will have true happiness as well. Your focus will shift from maybe, I can’t, perhaps, someday, to I can and I will.


I grew up in an area defined by statistical standards. If I believed the standards, I would not have the courage, right, nor ability to write poetry, become a speaker, write books and motivate.


Wishing for better things in life is a wonderful way to think, acting on the things you want from life, taking action towards progress and not complaining about what you don’t have is wonderful way to live. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel as if a lens is upon you, what has worked for me to empower me is to own my story.


When you learn to see the negative attributes of your life as a story line vrs part of who you are, you give yourself permission to hold the pen, take accountability and write the next chapter of your life with a clean page.You are not your past, you are who you believe you are in the present.

imageEvery day you wake up is a day you can decide how you will live your life, what will it be for you today and for the rest of your life?

imageI will be a speaker, author, poet, nurse, mother, daughter, sister, friend, companion and a voice for my life and pillar for those around me.  I am forgiving, human, kind and I stand up for what I believe in.


With outmost respect, may owning my story inspire you to beauthentic, fearless, caring and human.




10-Live, Laugh, Love

Let go of anything less than, Live, Laugh, Love

Let go of anything less than, Live, Laugh, Love

“Live, Laugh, Love, three words and only you can define, determine, create and turn them into reality, for those three words will always present themselves in different forms, it is the meaning each individual provides that determines their vitality.”

Live,Laugh,Love, O'Clock

Live,Laugh,Love, O’Clock

Chapter 10

What is your monthly, weekly, daily to keep list?? Do you have a list of the things that are important to your life? We sometimes tend to direct our focus on our to do list.  We forget a to keep list is just as important.  I have at times become a servant of my to do list and neglected to nourish my to keep list.  Life, Laughter, Love and Relaxation are imperative parts of living, they are my to keep list, in order to have a full mind, the energy and drive to accomplish my to do list, I must balance my work with my to keep list.


I tried out for basketball, not only did I make it to the team, my second year in High School, I was already playing Varsity. I would get up in the mornings to shoot baskets, stay after school and practice to continue the same pattern. I remember nights of staying up until 1-2 o’clock in the morning to make sure I studied for school in order to keep up with my grades. It takes sacrifice, determination, stamina, commitment to accomplish and achieve.

It was a weekday sunny afternoon, when my coach approached me and asked, “are you enjoying life, you only live once, are you taking the time to rest?” I stood still and paused for a moment, the thought had never crossed my mind until my coach proposed that question. I felt I was working, achieving, practicing, but I was so involved in my to do list, I had neglected to nourish, work on, and enjoy my to keep list. I was setting myself for a pattern of existence that followed me into my adult years.

Life can become a series of films and scenes that we watch on a screen. Life pulls us in different directions and without realizing we sit back and watch the movie from a seat. Instead of living life, we allow life to live us. Media, the neighbor, external environments create an image of the definition of happiness and what is worse for our success, internal happiness, Innovation, creativity and viability, we buy into those images and turn them into reality. We type and write our to do list and feel we failed if not completed on time. I had filled my days with things to do and forgot how to learn and enjoy my to keep list, called THE PRESENT MOMENT.
I am not saying that BIG goals and to do lists are unnecessary. They are important for accountability, task achievement, progress evaluation and success.

A balance of a to keep list and a to do list is an achievement few have mastered, an understanding and full embrace of the meaning of Live, Laugh, Love and Relax is an expression and state of mind even less have learned to embrace and practice on a daily bases. The secret to living a full life in those three words specifically is within the meaning you decide to give to your own life. When you live 100% accountable for your life, comparison, regrets, hate, criticism and negativity have a moment at best. Focus, direction, internal peace and happiness overtake your day and essentially your life if you decide to give those qualities your time. My to keep list is something that balances and works along my to do list.

Live you only have one life, Laugh it will brighten your day, Love is good for the soul and Relax life will pass you by either way, the meaning, purpose and direction will be determined by you.
Only you can write your story.


I don’t think I know



Love is an emotion
of infinite proportions
Is it a learned skill?
or a mystic thrill?
Love is in a smile
in the touch of my child
In the neighbor I see
a smile without plea
for love is not binding
not hateful nor blinding
It lacks question and guess
soft spoken loving caress
in the care of a father
a mother beside her
love will encourage
to prosper in courage
it is found in the smile
in the corner the wall the road a long mile
it surrounds and enters the core
pass through your bones down to your soul
Love is not hate nor pain or distress
love understands for is a sweet caress
It is not possession
or nonconforming obsession
It has no age nor spaces
requires no culture nor faces
Place your hand on over your heart
as it beats, beats, beats not part
for as long as you breath
and as long as you beat
love does not stop
Love will nourish
allow you to flourish
it is not binding, destructive nor hazy
it runs through your veins and it is not lazy
hate, shame, guilt, lust, is not love
artificial fixtures that fit as a glove
For love is not binding
it is not hate nor judging
It is an emotion
sweet unwavering devotion

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

Martin Luther King Jr.



Laughter is a medicine

Requires no precedence

It has no skin color, creed, religion or language

freedom is found in laughter, as it sheds sorrow’s baggage

True laughter requires no special prescription

It hides no utter affliction

requires no vote, status nor permission

there is no perfection nor special condition

from the curve of my lip

intoxicating leap

the glow of my teeth

down my spine to my feet

through my veins deep rooted cellular levels

morning rose sweet scented petals

go ahead smile back too

there is no better substitute

to transform my world for a while

I decided I would forever smile

It has no color, gender, race, religion or creed

it requires no special class nor specific breed

Laughter is

The Universal

Good Morning