Do You Know Yor Truth?


It crawled in the cracks of the road
or the boats, the words that took fold
In the wind it was whispered in letters
in the sky to the mountain down meadows
I ran and I walked
I crawled and back up
As I looked left and right
and I saw a bright light
I found what was there all along
the strength to me it belonged
I had no reason to hide
or have self righteous pride
I however deserved to fortify
and it was down to simplify
that we have the right to live
to talk, to speak and to give
we have the right to receive
to obtain in abundance perceive
We can be wrong, we can be strong
we can forgive we can belong
what is change but a need to progress
a need to move forward and never regress
as it crawled in the cracks of the road
or the boats, the word that took fold
it no longer was lost
it no longer was cast
Yes I walk with my head up high
and I talk with a voice filled with pride
of the things I have learned and the things I believe
I have no need to hate only to receive
the love we deserve and the life we were born
we are together and we are not torn
there is no perfect man, woman or keen
so if a stone is cast we shall not let it in
As I walk don’t mind my step
I have served and for days have wept
It will be with a straight back and unwavering faith
that I take another step and met my hard earned fate
I shall see you do the same
not in hate nor self talked lame
but in kindness and self loving gait
If one shall feel as if we deserve less
don’t mind my lack of attention, mean no disrespect
I must say it in one simple phrase
we deserve to be treated with outmost respect
it is in kindness, love, nourishment that flowers grow
it is bitterness, hate, malnourishment that nations fold
I see it in my brother, my sister, my father, my mother, my friend
that it is love that grows spirits and carries us to the end
I have not time for anything less
If I see otherwise, God Bless
For it is kindness, love, nourishment that breath life
It is bitterness, hate, malnourishment that lack sight
Let us not be blind
Courage, success, life, love, belongs to the ones who see