I choose to vow
To a world for the better
To a good life & settle
I choose to live now

I won’t forsake any whales
I don’t kill any sharks
I don’t judge any hawks
I won’t fake any tales
I don’t live wreckers park

If the hissing of the crawler
Shall mar existence by a color
The satellites keep rhyme
Of chaos, murder & mime

My back I turn to honor
What remains, within the color
Of the future that I paint
Not to live in senseless hate

May the hissing of another
Make the waves I now uncover
To refuse to be reduced
To a pond in chess seduced

I don’t feel amused
By the hearts that are broken
The words left unspoken
The innocent accused

While hissing makes its world
To be “better off” in cord
For better or for worse
Run Amuck a bitter throne

While the noose remains quite loose
Still I single handed choose
To lead a better life
Beyond living, choose to thrive

But my words shall not be broken
Nor turned into selfish words spoken
They are steady as a drum
The beating of my heart

No gender required
No child need fired
No man to be diminished
No Woman need be finished

For women are not objects
And men are not wallets
Education is the key
To cut bars & finally free

So while images are priced
And lives are half way sliced
I will stand for conservation
Prevention, future conversation

My mind remains strong
My heart remains fierce
My spirit remains brave

A Poem Inspired thinking of the two most priced possessions that remained after the facts
G & S
My inspiration to make our world a better place


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