The Beauty of Silence

happy valentine's day

In silence, we hear
the voice from within
that tells us to sing
to dance simply be


Sometimes in silence
if we allow our dark shade
it may say you can’t be
you can’t see, how dare you believe

How dare you be more
Don’t you know you are less
have you not concurred
that we shall care less

as I dug and dug deep
from all superficial
I found as a thinker
perhaps thoughts can blister

Beyond all the words
or the sorrows and scorns
As I silenced the mimes
I spoke to the rhymes

that said

You are worthy of self
you are worthy of you
silly girl don’t you see
it all starts from within

As I ran from the shadows
that crept through my skin
I found someone kinder
sleeping within

As she woke on that morning
and returned the next day
as she continuously courting
my confidence sway

from the person I was
to the woman I am
In the beauty of silence
I found her that day

When the few shadows scorn
insecurities slow wanderer
begins to creep into a waking hour
try rest on securities mind

I simply remember
in the moments of silence
the girl that woke
the woman that became
the person that I am
the one who I am yet to be

the love that I am

the love that I give

In the Beauty of Silence

Is the essence within



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