Who you are….It’s up to you


It’s good to dream
it’s good to want
without forgetting
who you are.

Life it moves
sometimes will choose
you’ll have no choice
lesson proves

We work for another
We work for a cause
We work for a matter
We work to be recognized

In the hustle and buzzle
and the business of life
we become different people
different places in time

we go into the future
without honoring the past
and in the chaos and conflict
serves unsteady grounds
to forget who we are

It’s good to look foward
with focused convinction
it’s good to recall
to learn from affliction
it’s good to live now
to create for the future

The past holds life’s lessons
identities in words
moments in folds
culture in norms

The future holds life’s destiny
Identities in words
moments in folds
culture in norms

But the present
it’s lived every day
in the smile on a child
in the hand, we give another
in a walk through a park
in the time with a friend
in the way we show love
in the way we wash our hair
in the happiness it brings
the air we choose to breath
when we dry another’s tear
or we push away a fear
in the way we make choices
in the way we speak our voices
in the gestures of our bodies
in the presence of our spirit

We create the future
with every step of today
if we only remember
it’s going to be okay

It’s good to look back
it’s good to look forward
it’s good to look sideways
it’s good to look up
it’s good to want more
it’s good to sit still

and always remember

It’s good to dream
it’s good to want
without forgetting
who we are



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