Crumbs are Not Love

Nature’s abundant love

We all deserve abundant love

Not the kind that binds you

The type that blinds you

Leaving emptiness and crumbs

We deserve the kind of love

That takes your breath away and breathes

The kind that gives you butterflies

The love that makes you feel seen

Love that understands and feels with you

Intoxicated not confused

Appreciated not abused

They say love hurts

but i don’t think that is true

Crumbs hurt

Abundant love heals and grows


The Loudness of Subtly

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Subtle is loud

In the whisper of a storm

The love of a mother

The care of a father

The flight of the hummingbird

The silence in a caring friend

In the bloom of a flower

The growth of a forest

The caress of a lover

Subtle is loud

Impactful Soundless Blast

The Nation’s Rebirth

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on

through crying

a child is born

through pain

a human can heal

Nourishing minds, and nourishing bodies

absorbed through pores into the depths

of my ancestoral eyelid rains

that dried with every passing day

Into a motionless dry face

slowly facial lines resurface

with uncolonized thoughts

vision moisturized again

On the promise of a new way

Of living in love, peace, abundance, dark and light

as it should have always been

from histories pain

into what our ancestors actually said

was the promise of a new day

Endings are Beginnings

Photo by Anya Juu00e1rez Tenorio on

multiple open windows

A closed door

sky scrappers built from the bottom

health is the best price

when illness is ravaging

thankful for life

but only when you die a little

appreciate the light when in darkness

understand darkness can be light

yearn for a past gone for too long

and miss out on the present and future

what is it a loss?

if it was not meant to be?

sometimes endings are beginnings

multiple open windows

guide you to the open door

waiting just for you

Reciprocal Vibes

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Give a seed water, a plant blooms

Give a child love, a heart soothes

Give a kind touch, a person heals

Give understanding, someone feels seen

No words necessary

Emotional erosion

Of unhealed wounds & pain

Turned into abundant love

Not a word was said

Our Past is Wise When We Learn to See


What is regression?

can be progression

shocking impression

perhaps realization

self retaliation

searching obsession

future creation

in the past we see the future

patterns, words, sentences, verse

in the present we learn from the past

analyze, memorize, intellectualize

regression turns to


when we learn

from our regressions

Story of a Flower

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What is a flower

start from a bud

from a tiny little seed

that grows when you feed

no need for greed

a simple flower flourished

cared, watered, nourished

the pedals feathered

multicolored weathered

storms, rains, winds, and hail

the tiny plant prevail

from a seed, bud, plant, flower

photosynthesis bloom