What I know N What I don’t

I know the horizon changes
with each word and phrases
I know words can heal
and they can also appeal
I know life is given
to all of us is written
I don’t know at times
what futures and rhymes
I don’t know tomorrow
I just know I must follow
I don’t know prejudice
I only know humanity
I don’t see colors on skins
or mistakes filled within
I only see individuals
wanting to just be seen.

So here I am at a local cafe. I enjoy my time here, don’t get me wrong but when it comes to learning and typing, I think I prefer the library or the couch. The library was a place I use to escape to when I was younger. I loved books and their stories they allowed me to remove myself from reality. It was not because I didn’t believe reality, or was in denial, it was because it showed me the worlds I would see in my mind. I always thought differently in some forms and it was those books in those libraries that allowed me to understand others have paved the way indeed. I heard that phrase on the Oprah show. I completely agree, again it made me feel validated. History is to me life, it allows us to see that trials, wars, and tribulations that don’t have to be. A peaceful march brought on change once upon a time. I’m not saying I am anybody in particular, I am however a student of life. I have always been. I have learned much from past, present, and look forward to a bright future. I did loose my voice indeed, something I wondered at times if I would get back. Even though at times I still struggle not because of what happened, but the continuation of the same. I however fully know now, that when you know better you do better. What does not kill you make you stronger, and I am not invisible, this is my hometown, for now, and I will not loose my voice again. I don’t have to shave my head,it’s okay to be me, I can survive, I deserve to live, I don’t know exactly where life will be, but I’m getting there, I love to sing and I love music, thank goodness for books.It’s okay to make mistakes, and others like I have dreamed of what seemed impossible, but believing in yourself is a gift indeed. My story will help others, I feel now that is what I am meant to do. Others paved the way for me, I owe it to myself, to them and to the future generations. If anything else. I owe it to my son and daughter. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. ❤ XOXO

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