Life Cycles

After Winter, Spring Will Come
As the snow melts away, summer follows not far behind
From the dormant greenery new sprouts will soon spring
and what seemed dead, will live with life again
Nothing is ever stagnant
Everything is always turning
The things that fall, will always rise
It is with that notion
that life always cycles
It is never still, never frozen
But how can it be, that someone like me, can still see life?
Look around you little girl, you are just another silly mime
I dare not answer, I dare not question, but I do know the answer
I was created, we all are after all
It is not up to me to enlighten with words
that if spoken with knives as the ones used by others before
may cut through and show, an image I refuse to carry on
It is not because I can’t, or don’t have such language with in me
It’s because I know, I simply don’t have to be
I do have a choice, that has given me the key
The choice is called life, and it whispers within me
to write, sing, encourage, and be the person that I know I can be
I was always that girl, that carried happiness within
I am still that girl and that is why I sing
So while the winter goes on, and the snow seems to fall
Words roll like thunder
tomorrow can be uncertain
but I know a year, a month, a day, an hour, a minute, a second
will never return
I stay in the moments, I stay in the present, I know who I am
I live and I’m thankful
I can say, Good Morning. Peace, <3, XOXO
I believe, thank you, Life cycles.
I can say no thank you, I am strong,
I can do this, I will write
I will one day co-write, I will speak
I will again love some more
I am female, I am woman, I like high heels,
and I like to help others, I am a nurse,
I worked hard to be a nurse,
I am a good mother, I defend my children,
I love music, I love books, I wish you the best
Every day I will say, thank you, life is worth it,
Good Morning
Life Cycles


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