What is love?

Love is unconditional
love is emotional
it is the thing that most seek
but very few meet
I see it all around
I can say love I found
In the smile of a child
the hand shake of a friend
the words of a writer
the music, the voice,
the movement of life
the call of a mother
the air that we breath
love is all around us
if we look outside in
it never leaves
although it may seem dormant
it simply never sleeps
I am never alone
a greater love is always within
it brings light, love, and peace
love is the thing many seek
but very few meet

What can I say, the journey of a writer is long indeed. It takes work and dedication to achieve certain goals. I am thankful for the people that allow me to grow. Soon to be in Philadelphia, working on websites, putting all those ideas for projects together is quite an experience. Not much time for writing lately, but I am going to make sure I take at least 20 min of each day to finish my second book. Music, what can I say, can’t live without it. It has been an inspiration for longer then I can remember. I have written poetry, songs, and short essays from the time I was in grade school, it has always been my hobby. If you are a writer, keep posting ideas, I have learned a lot of great info from great resources that I am thankful for. A quote I use to hear on a Spanish talk show I use to watch in Mexico, a lady by the name of Christina always ended her show with this quote. Pa adelante pa adelante, para atras ni para agarrar impulso. A quote I use to think about for most of my youth as well as now, go forward, forward, do not go back, not even to propel yourself. To your success and mine in whatever you do.


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