Ray of Thoughts

The things I have seen lived and learned have surprised me at times. What is magic, paranormal, unusual, the things without explanation. I cannot phantom to express in words. I at times do not understand, I have learned to accept. The moment, the breath, the life, the gift. What is God to me? Forgiveness, acceptance of all, peace, love, a higher calling of some sort that none of us deserve to have yet, it happens. God is our judge and we are vessels in the world not judges, in history it is said that all were accepted in his presence. Prejudice and hate surface from ignorance. I have learned that with death, new life resurfaces, life is a cycle. It is up to us to accept and embrace life as is or live complaining about all that we receive. Problems are the things we either feed or diminish. The choice is ours to make. Love comes first of all from the self, and with that life and self worth is born, we are good enough, all of us. External beauty is superficially attractive, inspiring at times, internal beauty is timeless and priceless to me, never fading, always growing.

Six Things to Trash Six Things to Treasure captures some of those lessons learned years ago. They were experiences and lessons I never forgot. The writing inspired from a dream of my father and I watching a basketball game and having 12 players on a basketball court. Six offense and Six defense. Books, lyrics, and art come from apparent random breaths of inspiration. It is a window to our thoughts and souls. The struggles to thrive in a sport, the words that we need to let go of, and the treasures that last for a lifetime.

Think about Six things within yourself that you can trash, those negative words, ideals, criticism from self or external that in the end do not define the self, they define a moment or trait. Write them down, think about them, and trash them. Liberation of those moments will give you a lifetime of self worth.


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