Spring in View

Spring in view
feel the hue
of the colors to come
the seasons that pass
the people I know
the humanity that grows
it never sleeps
it always keeps
the flowers in bloom
at times it may gloom
however the stage
it’s only a page
Spring is in view
soon flower will bloom

I have not posted for a while. I had a week of detachment, regrouping, reconnecting with myself. I think it’s important to do that when you find yourself pulled in so many different directions. The things I am looking forward to. Writing, living, enjoying life to the fullest. I am working on putting together a webpage to better promote the material I write. Starting an inbox magazine that will portray the artist in a positive realm. The stories of people that connect with a spirit geared to thrive and live. I am sure we all know about a story or two about a friend, someone we read about, or a family member that you feel is someone you admire. I am also currently working on a new book to motivate women to be themselves Six things to trash Six things to treasure. I am sure we can all come up with a similar list that applies to our daily lives, thought processes, experiences. I can never thank enough the people that have always encouraged, supported, and motivated me in some form or another. You know who you are. I am thankful for your love and support. May you receive ten fold for what you have done for me. Peace, Love, Happiness and much encouragement to all. Enjoy.



It is Sunday today, not everything is perfect, that is for sure. I am still working on projects, writing, learning how to start all those new things that seem alien to my previous knowledge. When I took on writing as a journey, my purpose was to detox, provide a place for all those things I had bottled inside. When it comes to personal matters, I have always felt a sense of comfort in writing. I have done it after all, for as long as I can remember. It is one of those cathartic experiences that seem to pull most of my thoughts together once I put them in words. I enjoy the success of other authors, artists, students, as I see them accomplish one milestone after another. It gives me something to look forward to. I know some day, I will see my work become a reality. I believe everything happens for a reason. I’ll have to be honest, I don’t always understand the reason, but as I have matured to some level, I know the reason in time reveals itself. It is frustrating at times, but not unbearable. To counteract the chaos of life, I tend to refocus and find those things that I am thankful for, not so much for lack of option or reasoning, but more so to redefine my center and focus. I believe life is too short to waste it on negative thinking. I am thankful for life, opportunity, support systems, friends, life experiences, and those who believe in the work I do. Life is life, we only have one.

What is love?

Love is unconditional
love is emotional
it is the thing that most seek
but very few meet
I see it all around
I can say love I found
In the smile of a child
the hand shake of a friend
the words of a writer
the music, the voice,
the movement of life
the call of a mother
the air that we breath
love is all around us
if we look outside in
it never leaves
although it may seem dormant
it simply never sleeps
I am never alone
a greater love is always within
it brings light, love, and peace
love is the thing many seek
but very few meet

What can I say, the journey of a writer is long indeed. It takes work and dedication to achieve certain goals. I am thankful for the people that allow me to grow. Soon to be in Philadelphia, working on websites, putting all those ideas for projects together is quite an experience. Not much time for writing lately, but I am going to make sure I take at least 20 min of each day to finish my second book. Music, what can I say, can’t live without it. It has been an inspiration for longer then I can remember. I have written poetry, songs, and short essays from the time I was in grade school, it has always been my hobby. If you are a writer, keep posting ideas, I have learned a lot of great info from great resources that I am thankful for. A quote I use to hear on a Spanish talk show I use to watch in Mexico, a lady by the name of Christina always ended her show with this quote. Pa adelante pa adelante, para atras ni para agarrar impulso. A quote I use to think about for most of my youth as well as now, go forward, forward, do not go back, not even to propel yourself. To your success and mine in whatever you do.

Life Cycles

After Winter, Spring Will Come
As the snow melts away, summer follows not far behind
From the dormant greenery new sprouts will soon spring
and what seemed dead, will live with life again
Nothing is ever stagnant
Everything is always turning
The things that fall, will always rise
It is with that notion
that life always cycles
It is never still, never frozen
But how can it be, that someone like me, can still see life?
Look around you little girl, you are just another silly mime
I dare not answer, I dare not question, but I do know the answer
I was created, we all are after all
It is not up to me to enlighten with words
that if spoken with knives as the ones used by others before
may cut through and show, an image I refuse to carry on
It is not because I can’t, or don’t have such language with in me
It’s because I know, I simply don’t have to be
I do have a choice, that has given me the key
The choice is called life, and it whispers within me
to write, sing, encourage, and be the person that I know I can be
I was always that girl, that carried happiness within
I am still that girl and that is why I sing
So while the winter goes on, and the snow seems to fall
Words roll like thunder
tomorrow can be uncertain
but I know a year, a month, a day, an hour, a minute, a second
will never return
I stay in the moments, I stay in the present, I know who I am
I live and I’m thankful
I can say, Good Morning. Peace, <3, XOXO
I believe, thank you, Life cycles.
I can say no thank you, I am strong,
I can do this, I will write
I will one day co-write, I will speak
I will again love some more
I am female, I am woman, I like high heels,
and I like to help others, I am a nurse,
I worked hard to be a nurse,
I am a good mother, I defend my children,
I love music, I love books, I wish you the best
Every day I will say, thank you, life is worth it,
Good Morning
Life Cycles

What I know N What I don’t

I know the horizon changes
with each word and phrases
I know words can heal
and they can also appeal
I know life is given
to all of us is written
I don’t know at times
what futures and rhymes
I don’t know tomorrow
I just know I must follow
I don’t know prejudice
I only know humanity
I don’t see colors on skins
or mistakes filled within
I only see individuals
wanting to just be seen.

So here I am at a local cafe. I enjoy my time here, don’t get me wrong but when it comes to learning and typing, I think I prefer the library or the couch. The library was a place I use to escape to when I was younger. I loved books and their stories they allowed me to remove myself from reality. It was not because I didn’t believe reality, or was in denial, it was because it showed me the worlds I would see in my mind. I always thought differently in some forms and it was those books in those libraries that allowed me to understand others have paved the way indeed. I heard that phrase on the Oprah show. I completely agree, again it made me feel validated. History is to me life, it allows us to see that trials, wars, and tribulations that don’t have to be. A peaceful march brought on change once upon a time. I’m not saying I am anybody in particular, I am however a student of life. I have always been. I have learned much from past, present, and look forward to a bright future. I did loose my voice indeed, something I wondered at times if I would get back. Even though at times I still struggle not because of what happened, but the continuation of the same. I however fully know now, that when you know better you do better. What does not kill you make you stronger, and I am not invisible, this is my hometown, for now, and I will not loose my voice again. I don’t have to shave my head,it’s okay to be me, I can survive, I deserve to live, I don’t know exactly where life will be, but I’m getting there, I love to sing and I love music, thank goodness for books.It’s okay to make mistakes, and others like I have dreamed of what seemed impossible, but believing in yourself is a gift indeed. My story will help others, I feel now that is what I am meant to do. Others paved the way for me, I owe it to myself, to them and to the future generations. If anything else. I owe it to my son and daughter. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. ❤ XOXO

Why Not?

The journey continues indeed. There are always setbacks, reasons why you can’t get what you want when you want it, even just to sit at home and type can at times be the impossible dream. So what do you do when things don’t go your way? Well sometimes you cry, feel sad, then you get over it and move on. So today I find myself in a local cafe, typing, working, and using their internet. I can’t use mine at home so another day to be resourceful. What do you do but smile. Not because your in denial, or lack frustration but because if there is something I have learned in this lifetime is that when there is a will there is a way. I can’t fix everything or anybody for that matter, I can only share what I learned and how I do it and hope that you will be inspired. I can however change the way I see things. I can succeed and find a way. I learned that a long time ago. I am working on my second short story of how I live my life and get inspired in the hopes that my readers will get something out of those pearls of wisdom I learned the hard way at times. My fist book planting fields will eventually become a reality, for now working on those other things that I believe in. The things that remind me of home, food, music, unconditional love from my mother. I didn’t always agree with her parenting skills, however I learned from that as well. I have never regretted much in my life. The only times I have ever had a regret is when I was ungrateful,gave someone permission over my emotions, or pretended to be something I am not. I think that there is a time for everything and everybody, and I believe that perhaps this time, is time. I have for the most part always known who I am. I know I am not a hateful person, life is to short for that, and I am a believer in enjoying life to the fullest regardless of the situation. I have been tested on that belief system more then once, been positive has always worked for me. So why not smile, be positive,forgive, and move forward in the face of adversity? There is always a way, within us. We are given one life after all and the choice we are left with is how we live it.