Life is a place
we should all embrace
we are given one
before you know it, is gone
we define who we are
how we live, how to laugh, how we grow
we define our own happiness
we define our self worth
we define ourselves within our self
not on anyone else
To embrace the moment
is to live beyond a sonnet
to understand who we are
is a gift beyond whatever was

Six Things to Trash Six Things to Treasure, still on the works. Soon enough, a website will be created to continue to portray those ideals and the things I love, books, encouragement, lyrics, poetry. Six Things to Trash Six
Things to Treasure for the college students, women, work environment, stay at home mothers, working mothers, nurses.

May my life inspire you and the life of those I write about in my upcoming website and inbox magazine inspire you as well. Life is a Gift.


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