Intimidation is nine-tenths of the writer’s law

I believe our thoughts are proportional to our capabilities. This blog reminds me of a version of my previous self. It took a few self reminders to soak in the fact that if you write you are an author. It also fits in with a quote I read this morning, I am……….(Insert Word) It takes several self reminders to understand that if you write you are an author.

I can say today, I am an author, poet, speaker.

Challenge yourself, insert your own words until they become truth, and say I am……………….


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What do I mean by this? I don’t mean that writers are the intimidating type–actually just the opposite. What I mean to say, is that writers tend to be their own worst enemies.

This is something I have been thinking about for a while. It used to be that when I started a writing project, the first thoughts in my head were always about the project itself: title, chapter length, beginning, middle and end. In recent years my initial thoughts (after the story idea itself) become more about audience, marketing, price, platform, etc. So what happened?

I became obsessed with the ideas of successes and failures. I had an epiphany yesterday, whilst buried up to my elbows in topsoil:

If you write–you are a writer.

Well, duh.

When we become authors we spend a lot of time worrying over how our work will be received. Will people like it? Will…

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