Have you ever had a dream that left you bafled??  Have you ever had an experience that made you question, turn, or think what in the world??  As an author, writer, dancer, artist or actor, the ability to create art allows you to put yourself in a realm of expressed inner sentiments, thoughts, dreams. The ability to develop, lyrics, movement, photography, art and creativity in general,  expressess the vision of what is otherwise ingrained in an indiviual’s mind. It is the expression of those sentiments and deep inner thinking that moves and allows for expression in some form

  As mentioned before the idea of Six Things to Trash, Six Things To Treasure was intitally a dream.  I had a dream about my father and I watching a basketball game.  In my daily mantras, thoughts, and journey my focus is to think of those things I need to continue to treasure in my life and the things, I need to trash.  The list of things to trash is thankfully a revolving thought process as it should be.  As I think of those concepts within myself that I don’t care to carry, I trash them.  Self-doubt, Fear, lack of voice, perfectionism, responding to negative stimuli.  I keep them in check understanding that the awareness allows me to free myself if ever they decide to creep as an identity.  It allows me to understand I can change that, and move on the next improvement as I see it surface in the present. 

  The things I treasure, forgiveness, self acceptance, acceptance of others, my son and daughter my rocks, my family.  The never ending list of those people that have gone out of their way to help me, forever thankful.   I understand I take steps that are short and steps that are long at times, nevertheless steps.  I also see myself learning, growing, developing, journey, Metamorphosis. 

  I have learned that forgiveness is freedom of your soul and self, the chains that bind the negativity of the energy of resentfullness and bitterness is released as a choice is made to focus that energy into positivity and encouragement for a greater purpose. 

 I have learned that faith and believing in God or a higher entity for that matter is peace, liberation, acceptance, for if God loves me as I am who am I to judge.

  I have learned that self acceptance is a gift, and a long overdue realism to myself.

I have learned the power of allowing outside negativity in words and actions to remain as a moment, that is all that moment deserves.  To give it any more time then that would be wasted energy.

 I have learned that life is a gift, and thank you Mr. Tolle for your expressions in words I could not think of myself,  Surrender allows for freedoom to become reality.

My father’s dream last night, he is my angel.  I never think of him with anxiety or sadness, it is a comfortinig thought to me.  In my dream, he came, sat by a park benck under the Tree of Life to kiss me on the forehead once again.  His words.  “With great power, comes great responsibility.”  I woke up, I think and sat up in my bed, or I dreamed about it.  I am not sure.  I did wonder to myself, why is he talking in English?  I do not understand some of the things that happen in my life, but surrender has thought me, I don’t have to.  I continue to learn, grow and move forward in this journey called life.  Thank you for teaching me and for all your patience and support.  Peace to all, Love.

Live, Laugh, Love Motivate and Inspire

I know I will

Today, I am thankful.


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