A little understanding

In the end forgiveness is freedom, We are as I was, as you were, as I am, as you are. The circumstances allow growth and development and surrender is peace. The Bitterness is not the Betterment. The light is then allowed and life is worth it.

Through my lens A little understanding. April Peerless with posts of spirituality.

Without WAR/PEACE would not be appreciated

Without FEAR/COURAGE would not flourish

Without DEATH/BIRTH would not be honored

Without FAITH/BELIEVE would be impossible

Without FLAWS/LESSONS would not be learned

Without IGNORANCE/WISDOM would not be reached

Without PAST & FUTURE/PRESENT MOMENT becomes light embraced as is

Without HUMANITY/INHUMANITY would prevail

Without EARTH/ISLANDS  become worlds

The leaders before us and the leaders among us, in their wisdom have paved the world. The teachings of forgiveness, love, understanding, and contentment with the world as is, acceptance as you are, as I am, as I was, as you were.  The understanding of acceptance is nothing more then the word itself defined without extra parables.

The journey to understand, living a life in this way is a balance.  The opposition of the spectrum between the words is an invisible line  we walk.  We find ourselves walking on either side of the spectrum at any given time.  When we develop, we begin to recognize some of the triggers that sway our reasoning from one end of the spectrum to the other.

The power of prayer and believing assisted my ability to become.

The discovery of embracing the imperfection within ourselves allows for acceptance, growth and development as I was, as you were, as I am, as you are.






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