I AM……..


I am only a girl, so I can’t dream of

flying an airplane

running for government

becoming a doctor

open a business, with confidence easeness

play basketball

study in school

do somersaults

not be as a fool


I am only a female, so I can’t dream of

constructing a building

becoming a lawyer

success as an artist

published endouver

with professional stupor

move forward in kindness

with mental strength rumored

leaving my sadness

and in struggles find humor


I am only a woman

so I can’t dream of

leading my life

and becoming a wife

while creating more leaders

kind humans and givers

educated prone readers

and in intellect find

a purpose not bind

potential within

regardless of skin


I am not only the person

I am not only the girl

I am not only the female

I am not only the woman

I am not only the boy

I am not only the male

I am not only the man

for not in mysterious ways

do we do as one says

but in knowing ourselves

we can do what compels

and redifine I am only

and Say I AM indeed I AM

I AM who I Believe myself to be

I AM……………