6-Be Brave Enough To Be You


What is a FEAR

False Evidence Appearing Real

A silly Confusion

An imposed dark Illusion

There will be Critics

Volcanic Spouting Cynics

Who come to diminish our Quest

or any attempt t to live @ Your Best

Are They Responsible for your Cross???

Or your  Self-Worth Loss???

I say on to You, my Friend

When Life Forces You to Bend

Stand Up and Be Brave

No Need to Shout or Rave

The waves are Best Ridden

When we take the pen, demand how our life should be written

By our Actions, Not Silly Reactions

By our progress not imposed silly targets

By our strengths

our given right to see

nobility, agility, to be kindess, love courage and the ability

to stand and proudly

unwavering say

I am good enough

I am brave

I am Worthy

Just as I AM



Communication Realities


I heard Sally

Say to Timmy

Who told Kimmy

Assuming Jimmy

was hearing Filly

Telling Skippy

Thinking Fleapy

Calling so and so

To get up Missy

Talking about Miffy

Seeing Stiky

Miming Meacky

Who got back at Sissy

for what Cindy supposedly  said

and Cindy looked around and said

Good Morning

When we lessen to reply or stop communicating upfront, our voice carries like a never ending chain, producing fear, anxiety, anger, frustrations, never released from the oppressions of ignorance and living an invisible existence.

When we lessen to understand and communicate, remove ourselves from the traffic of noise,  we prevent the chains of doubt, despair and fear, for even if they exist, they quickly disappear and we open the door to courage, strength, understanding and communication.

Rumors end at a Wise person’s ear


Relative Words


Is the Pain

Somewhat gain

either Stop,  Go  Again

Seep through Silence

Brake Through Violence

Purge Backfire Nonsense

Trough the Blood, Sweat & Tears

Releasing Repressed Fears

Inner STRENGHT, Visually Appears

For when we come to Pass

Our Death Bed Sees our Mass

True Living, Freedom at last

For only Through Death we Live

Only Through Loss we Give

Through Pain we Learn to Forgive

For in a World meant for the Living

 Looks are no longer deceiving

We give what we are Receiving

In the Paradox of essence

We understand meaning of Presence

As we release unarmed nonsense

It is relative what spatters

Not found in simple chatters

But in Heart, Soul, Kindness, Love, Life, Matters

5-If I fail, Do I try?


If I fail, Do I try?

Do I Dare Continue pry?

If I fall beyond the rim

Do I dare get up and Dream?

For in all the poems

cradled between sonnets

vessels sailing artists

leaders march and harvest

visual keys, eloquent unfold

the truth, heart and mind Bold

If I perish

Shall I cherish?

Or instead choose try revive

attempt to breath, merely survive

and in this ill attempt deny

indeed as said, why shall I try?

The question, I see has no rhyme

as it echoes mirroring a mime

For in this quest and so called life

It is not bold, who merely survive

In Fact is only BOLD, after told no, you silly mold

that not only merely survive

they achieve, accomplish, Believe and Gloriously Thrive

If I fail

I’ll still try


Fabulous YOU

super women

Because I am a Girl

I Can Dance, Sing and Sway

I can Run, Jump and Play

Because I am a Young Lady

I can Dream, Wish and Believe

I can Learn, Study and Achieve

Because I am a Female

I can Clean, Cook and Sow

I can Lead, Work and Be More

Because I am a Woman

I can Love, Marry and Birth

I can Boss, Hustle and Soar

So Stand Up Tall

and Do Not Play Small

Me? Afraid to Make a Sound?


My Head, I Shall Not Bow

For I look at My Sister, I Look at My Mother

I look at My Daughter

I raise my eyes

to the Wonderful Skies

I turn My Gaze Clearer

As I look in the Mirror

I See My Own Hero

I am Imperfectly Flawless

I am Perfectly Fabulous

Indeed I am

I am Fabulous

Beautifully Flawless


Oh! what would you not do!!!!!??

Poetry Inspired by the Amazing Dr. Seuss, in honor and respect to his work, life and legacy.


In fifty words or less

An author set to express

A world through a vision

with turmoil and division

but how to portray and display

in reality, fantasy that is reality and portray

what seemed as if was not was actually what is

and in 50 words no less the world we saw as his

it was not his however

through words and rhymes quite clever

we read about green eggs and hams

the Grinch and the Cat in the Hat

The places we will go

and the place to call home

In the undertone of art and words

we saw the reality of what life holds and scorns

For awareness to condemn is not better

awareness to understand is quite clever

for all the Great Nations ever built

were constructed similar to the art of a quilt

one piece at a TIME

with peace, love, understanding and kindness in mind