5-If I fail, Do I try?


If I fail, Do I try?

Do I Dare Continue pry?

If I fall beyond the rim

Do I dare get up and Dream?

For in all the poems

cradled between sonnets

vessels sailing artists

leaders march and harvest

visual keys, eloquent unfold

the truth, heart and mind Bold

If I perish

Shall I cherish?

Or instead choose try revive

attempt to breath, merely survive

and in this ill attempt deny

indeed as said, why shall I try?

The question, I see has no rhyme

as it echoes mirroring a mime

For in this quest and so called life

It is not bold, who merely survive

In Fact is only BOLD, after told no, you silly mold

that not only merely survive

they achieve, accomplish, Believe and Gloriously Thrive

If I fail

I’ll still try