If The Blind Could See


In the Power of Greed

There is none to be freed

For in this nonsense violence

we may not live in silence

I have not glass full nor half empty

nor do I own glassess a plenty

I simply exist

and am one to persist

That my brother, sister, mother daughter

my neighbor, have courage said father

I see no color, nor flag, religion nor swag

perseption, asumption, corotion as plague

When our Egos keep score

Love and acceptance exist no more

As the last breath is taken

true justice forsaken

My mantra is this

that I side not to countries or creeds

not to colors or creeps

but to the human spirit

that carries a lyric

bold and loud, transient, never shallow

the human need that forbodes any sorrow

to be seen, loved, accepted

not in scared forms rejected

But understood, valued, respected

For every Beating heart

has a beat and a drum

that whispers in the winds of the atmosphere

I am here

The blood in the veins

that flows through and reigns

has not color nor creed, no religion when freed

It simply beats, like my brothers, my sisters, my neighbors

my mothers, my fathers

For Love, Life simply is

In the power of Greed

There is none to be freed

In the Power of Love

The Blind Can See