She Believes


It’s not all in a trophy
Victory claim, in your face
It’s not in one glory
Or get off from my place

It’s not to live for applause
Or to boast I’m the best
It’s not in the pause
To oppress on the crest

It’s in the sacrifice spent
It’s in the blood, sweat & tears
It’s in work harder lack rest
It’s in the shedding of fears

It’s in the pain in the workout
That the extra mile may bring
It’s in the minute to look out
A victorious proof wring

Go live your goals
Go live your dreams
Go feed your soul
Ignoring the screams

This is your time
To live beyond limits
This is your prime
No time for more gimmicks

Beyond the bold & the brave
Beyond the soul & the victory
Beyond the strong & that crave
Beyond the win & the history

Beyond the hours of training
Beyond the injuries standing
Beyond the coaches demanding
Beyond the minutes remaining

You see, it’s not just a trophy
It’s history
She Believed



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