What ignorance sums
Live oppressed life of some
In the streets we see slums
As we rate become scums
Freedom is never free
death cannot force dreams to flee
For a voice there is a prize to pay
For the simple right to say
I am tired of the notion
That obedience equates devotion
I demand to sit on freedom’s bosom
I proudly stand on future to blossom
I refuse to sit on labels
That treat less than animal stables
I march to reduce corruption
To ignorance I declare an abortion
Freedom to some
Means freedom to none
For the land of the free
Is no home to a slave
Freedom to some
Equates freedom to none
If the blind choose to see
What ignorance sums
So I dare to Believe
Education overcomes
To live, laugh, love, dream & Believe
Education overcomes
What ignorance sums

in the land of the free

and the home of the Brave

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