Before You Assume, Read This Post


In the mist of traffic
in the stream of panic
in the words we speak
or the words we sneak

In the shadows of sorrow
or the feelings we borrow
the notion or portion
devotion or potion

Our thoughts intertwine
and they seem to unwind
if we only realize
we are not paralyzed

for when people assume
or simply consume
there is no communication
superficial interpretation

when you look at another
do you dare sit and ponder
beyond your first thought
that perhaps truth is worth sought

and beyond all the traffic
in the stream of the manic
looking past any labels
beyond all silly fables

you may stop and see the other
perhaps dare to feel another
and finally realize
no need to improvise

the simplest quest
to stop and repress
the assumption consumption
and simply just simply
choose to see
there exists, someone within
not an object or thing
or label nor string
simply, just simply
someone within



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