A Letter For a Daughter


As the years go by
and I watch by your side
I remember a lullaby
I fill up with pride

As I held you in my arms
a young mother surprised
born with beauty and charms
A heart felt compromise

to love and protect
to support and respect
to watch and project
to learn and attempt

to allow you to develop
while my love I envelop
the freedom to choose
attempt not accuse

from the time you were born
had a mind of your own
as I saw my refection
I had no expectations

other than to teach you at my best
to watch life and the test
to assist you if you fall
to watch you finally soar

I knew I was not perfect
but I knew it was so worth it
to try my best in every angle
for you were small, a treasured angel

and as the years have gone by
I’m glad to see beyond lullabies
but in my heart you will remain
a child born with beauty and grace

May your blessings be many
may your heart always smile
may abundance be plenty
may you live life for a while
if you fall I will be here
you don’t need me, I’ll be there
may you know I am proud of you
may you know life is worth it
may you know someone cares
may you know you have no limits
may you know to never be scared
and if you find your self in doubt
take a break, than dare come out
for life is meant to be lived
and I can’t wait to see, all that you will be
it was always a fact
you were, you are and always will be
more than enough

just as you are

A letter to my daughter 2016


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