You are Simply Brave & Bold


When you find yourself alone
in the mist of no return
look deep inside and than you’ll know
that life is meant for you to grow

It is a test, at times quite cruel
Not a game, but choose to fuel
the words you speak inside your soul
should never match a folly’s prowl

For women should dress how they please
without fear and be at ease
and when violated at their core
they didn’t ask for it, I know

From poverty to wealth
the stories are the same
when robbed of precious health
the victim is not to blame

when innocence is lost
and the world seems too vast
refuse to be reduced
you are not a victim to abuse

Turn your dialogue to victor
in each step look for a mentor
there is no turning back
be thankful

One day you simply wake
and look back to see the grave
of all you thought you couldn’t overcome
and you will say R.I.P
I’m free at last

So in those moments of despair
pat your back and stand repair
for life is more than what you are told
you are simply brave and bold




A poem inspired by women and men who choose to speak up against abuse and the men and women who support them.



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