Love is…

happy valentine's day

Love is an emotion

perhaps an intentional equation

to care, share and feel appreciated

not to judge or make another intimidated

Love is freedom

it does not bind, wind or feel twisted

to allow another to be themselves

is maturity within, embracing ourselves

Love is caring

For the happiness of another

to show that they matter

and in that selfless gesture

we release any pressure

Love is not perfect

It has room for imperfection

for perfection is protection

of unrealistic expectation

and in darkness alienation

Love is kind

and I do not believe it is blind

for to be blind is to be in lust

but to see through trials and imperfection

through struggles and connotations

through doubts and skeptical fears

through smiles and perhaps unshed tears

through moments of feeling for granted

through moments of feeling ill wanted

what remains beyond that threshold

is the person who sees you at your worst

who smiles at your best

through all of lives silly tests

and chooses to say


when you find that

keep that

but know this truth I learned

you must give yourself

that Love



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