To Rise Above


From Molecules Birth
In a breath we are born
With a cry to rejoice
I am here, hear my voice

In the months there to follow
we are whole and not shallow
our surroundings quite new
experiences renew

Every step is a blessing
Every song is caressing
Every image a discovery
Every person an anatomy

We learn to experience
We learn through experience
We know not of hate
prejudice, cruelty nor haste

Hazing is a learned behavior
much like prejudice, intolerance and spite
Hating, the condemning major
of senseless loss of sight

For blindness brings a certain darkness
and darkness brings a certain madness
and madness brings a certain sadness
that no light can ever replace

Beyond the rivers of blindness
beyond the caves in the darkness
beyond the negative side of madness
beyond the wounds carving sadness
Beyond the mourning of unkindness

Our nature is to heal
our nature is to seal
our nature is to love

For if we can remember
and choose not surrender
nurture the child
who wanted to see

the world through experience
beyond our appearance
beyond any labels
beyond any fables

We were born to love another
We were born without prejudice
we were born without hate
we were born without intolerance

and if we must learn through this life
to hate, judge and regress
We must remember, we can learn
to love, understand and progress

From Molecules Birth
In a breath we are born
With a cry to rejoice
I am here, hear my voice

With much love, sympathy and respect
inspired by the recent events and senseless loss
of precious life
With love, healing and heart
to the families and friends
of those affected.




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