Who are YOU? Beyond labels…


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Do labels define a person or does the person define the labels?

Mother, daughter, author, housewife, fitness, sexy, author, spiritual, nurse, professional, speaker, wife, girlfriend and some labels, well a little too extreme to mention, if I kept track I think I might get a little dizzy.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to change you is the greatest accomplishment”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I believe that as women we are multifaceted.
We are so much more than labels, especially those given to us by social conditioning, expectations, and especially by images on social media of the “perfect” female.

The most important labels will be the ones we attach ourselves, our internal chatter will always outweigh any projection of who and what we should be as females.

I am a writer who enjoys fitness, a girls night out, spending time with family, meditation and life.
The characters I write about are females who embody who they are as an individual beyond labels, expectations and societal norms.  They are perhaps in an essence the rebels of their time.
My question to you?
Since when did females become rebels when embracing their individuality?
Do we call male rebels when they choose to be themselves?
I have come to realize that when we allow ourselves to be ourselves and choose to embrace our personality beyond labels, we are able to live an authentic life.  Freedom is not the ability to live without responsibilities, freedom is the ability to be responsible enough to dare to be ourselves and live beyond labels.
I am, the most powerful words in our self development and personal vocabulary, for what we choose to apply after that will ultimately define who we are.
So how do you live your life? Do you allow labels to define you or do you define your labels?
I can only attest for the characters I write about and myself.
I am ME and that is okay.
Beyond the box of labels, potential awaits if we only dare to take the next step.
                                                                                   Dare to be Great



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