Love Yourself Too


We seek love from others

from mothers or fathers

from sisters or brothers

from friends or family

from neighbors or people

We search for connection

in the likes or the views

from followers or news

we expect to be appointed

and never disappointed

it the business of now

is there love to be found?

Love is freedom

It is not blinding

Love is peace

It is source of comfort

Love is accepting

It is not expecting

Love is imperfect

It is always quite worth it

Love is giving

It is also receiving

Love is not wanting to change someone

but accepting and being there for someone

Love is creating healthy boundaries

Love is NO

Love is something we receive

Love is something we give

 Above all expectations, sensations, vibrations

Love is something, you should give yourself too.

Self Love and Care

Becomes what you Share

Love Yourself through




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