Roots and Wings and Wings and Roots

from a seedling roots will grow

and from those roots a fresh sprout

the sprout matures into a leaf

the leaf embraces and supports the flower

the flower blooms and the bees and hummingbirds arrive

they taste, feast, and spread the fertilizer

another seedling grows

the wind carries the seeds and blows them in the air

the air plays, shoves, pushes, pulls, and sways

the rain falls and barries the seed deep in the dark soil

in the dark the seedling sits, waiting, sitting

from that dark clouds, the rain falls

the rain waters the seed through that darkness

the seedling pushes through the soil

one day, without warning, it sprouts

into the light and darkness

some seedlings are carried and nurtured

they are transported and eased into their new land

some seedlings have to push through the soil

they get tousled in the wind until they break through their own land

both seeds will fly away to new lands

both seeds will get there through different paths

both seeds have roots

both seeds get wings

both seeds get soil

both seeds get rain

both seeds get darkness one more than the other

both seeds get light one more than the other

both seeds must grow

both seeds will sprout

both seeds have roots and wings and wings and roots

and from the seedlings

roots will grow

different paths and yet they sprout


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