Chance or Change, Everyday Choice

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What is forgiveness without acceptance?
What is acceptance without forgiveness?
What is judgment alongside ignorance?
What is ignorance alongside judgment?

For the highest of places
May not hold all graces
and the lowest of holes
may not be, the lowest of forms

Painters paint life through a brush
and Songs tell of life with a crush
writers with each seamless verse
and artists through motion, paint, music, and words

lethal actions and words

healing actions and verse

but wait! you are not alone
can’t you see in this life we live
only our minds will get what we give

So when you find yourself alone
perhaps with another or simply at home
kindly remind yourself
that the story that matters most
is the one we create on our own

for unkind words and hateful souls
may only speak, but for a while
but loving hearts and careful thoughts
will create a legacy beyond the idle

forgiveness without acceptance
acceptance without forgiveness

judgment alongside ignorance

ignorance alongside judgment
True Death

Thankfully We are Alive
and today

is another day
to Start



The Power of Worlds The Power of Words

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Superficial words

can be sticks with folds

the stones that cast

at best a past

that is brought to the present

to harm the unborn cresent

but if you don’t swim deep

what would you keep?

would you be able to see?

if you are always protective

and always neglecting

what would you be?

vulnerability is like this

you birth








until one day

you think no more

you choose to exist

flaws included

and that is all

With an Open Mind and an Open Heart

happy valentine's day


When the day has gone
and the night has come
Did I help create
or perhaps neglect

Did I stand up for another?
Did I speak for my brother?
Did I speak for myself?
Did I choose the words to spell?

Was it a given assumption
without given corruption
In the impact we make
and the words that partake
Did they come from within
or were they next to kin

With deeper reflection
without making exception
did I listen, more than speak
did I silence, more then preach
Did I take the time to be still
and make sure my words are my will

When we shed the cloth of numbers
and the illness given hungers
the judgment in skin colors
or the labels posted somber

When we look into the mirror
and we see internal heroes
perhaps, than perhaps
we may say, I see you
turn our face to another
and without paying a matter
we may say, I see you

When I look in the mirror

and I let go of assumptions

let go of expectations

let go of the imaginations

let go of the proclamations

and I take a deeper look

I see myself


No Soy Calladita


No Soy Calladita

No soy calladita

No quiero ser la más bonita

Calladita te ves más bonita

Mujer tienes que ser calladita

I am not silent

Beauty is not silence

Silence makes you pretty

To have beauty, you must be silenced

I don’t want to fit in

I don’t want to sit still

I don’t want to smile

I don’t want to be silenced

I don’t walk behind you

I don’t walk before you

I don’t walk with you

If that means I can’t speak

I don’t bow to your words

So don’t silence my cords

Don’t reach out for my lips

When your mouth bellows, scorns

Regurgitated words

That stab backs like sinister swords

Calladita te vez más bonita

While I sit there and mourn

The loss of the Niña

The fading of a girl

The disappearance of innocence

The potential of a leader

Calladita NO more

Calladita te vez más bonita

In a world not meant for you

Calladita no te ves más bonita

In a world meant for you

No seas calladita

Speak up and be bonita

The world is waiting


Life is a token
moments unspoken
living a series
of fun and quite serious

Time is of the essence
When we realize our presence
Choosing moments as given
Our lives can be driven

What comes, goes
what goes, comes
what rises, falls
what falls, rises
what is, isn’t
what isn’t, is
what will be, was
what was, will be
what we speak, is silenced
what we silence, speaks

A labyrinth in roads
My skin deflects swords
allowing the essence
necessary for presence

To see is to love
To be is to have
To touch is to taste
The Choice of the Brave

Life is a token
moments unspoken


Word Porn

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What are Words?

At the center or core

When they leave your lips

Do they sit at your hips?

At the groin or your loins

Do they slide up your spine?

Do they creep through your skin?

Do they climax and rise?

What are words?

Do they enter your skin?

Sip through your pores

Melt in your bones

Do they sit in your connections?

Do they have good intentions?

Sensual connotations

What are words?

Do they slide into place?

Back and forth

In and out

soft and exhilarating

fast and slow

While they make you excited

Your body uncontrollably trembles

Your muscles quiver

Slowly they creep

They sleep in your brain

Unconcious caress

It is not neurotic

It is not in your neurons

It is not what you think

Because words after all

Are what you choose to believe

Words have no meaning

What are words

They are after all

What you wish them to be

Choose your words wisely

Falling & Rising

What do you see?

Falling or Rising

Rising or Falling

What butterflies do

When they grow in the darkness

They sit, they grow, they shape, they form

Upside-down encapsulated, protected, Secured

Eventually, they form, flourish, and rise

From Darkness to Light

The Darkness protecting the Monarch to be

What if the light was your darkness?

What if the darkness was your light?

Rising or Falling

Falling or Rising

What if you walked upside down and inside out?

What if your fall was your rise?

What if your darkest moments were the light you needed?

What if your toughest challenges were your securement?

What if your difficulties lead you to your blessings?

What if you fall but you are actually rising?

What if you are rising but feel like you are falling?

Rising or Falling

Falling or Rising

What do you see?

Can you actually see?

Rising or Falling

Falling or Rising