You Bloom Every Day

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Beginnings are endings

and endings are beginnings

on a Monday

First of the week

First of the month

on a New Year Resolution

Who is to say

When your beginning starts?

When every day

is a new day to start

or a new day to continue


Lost and Found

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looked around

looked sideways

gazed to the heavens

envisioned down under

blindness surrounded

eyes wide open

clockwise, counter-clockwise

reflections, projections, observations

dimensions, creations, obsessions

closed my eyes

trusted the journey

looked within

there I am

I am awareness


in our own way

each of us is

The Past Hold Clues

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The past holds clues

Perhaps a different view

History repeats itself

and if we are willing to

silence, listen, feel, touch, see, taste, smell, submerge

we may learn, heal, feel, and emerge

Perhaps a different view

The past holds clues


Mustard Seed Lessons

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A tiny mustard seed

Blossoms into a tree

that produces life

healing, nourishing

purifying air

providing oxygen






the rain comes

the winds blow

but still, it grows

to form one tree

that came

from a tiny seed

who are you?

to limit me

who am I?

to limit myself

Walk On The Bridge

Moonlight Bridge

Moonlight Bridge

Wide Bridges

Low Bridges

High Bridges

Bridges Made of Brick

Bridges in Cement or Stone

Suspended in the air

Stationary Swings

Hanging from a Limb

Can I walk across or leap?

I ponder and think

I’ll never know

unless I do

so there I go

see you on the other side

The Air I Breath

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Breath in

The Abundance of Life

The sexiness in my walk

The sublimity of my words

The vibration in my dance

Breath out

The non-deserved oppressions

The scorns and obsessions

The daggers in syllables

The blockages in movements

Breath In

All your cans

All you deserve

All you can manifest

All you can Believe

All you have worked for

Breath out

All “you cannot”

All you should “wait” “for”

All the “that’s not for you”

All the “how dare you?”

All the “still not good enough”

Breath in

Breath out

Breath in

Breath out

on your own



Take up Space

Speak UP

Be Comfortably Uncomfortable


Breath IN

Breath OUT

You Belong