Word Porn

Photo by Rodolfo Clix on Pexels.com

What are Words?

At the center or core

When they leave your lips

Do they sit at your hips?

At the groin or your loins

Do they slide up your spine?

Do they creep through your skin?

Do they climax and rise?

What are words?

Do they enter your skin?

Sip through your pores

Melt in your bones

Do they sit in your connections?

Do they have good intentions?

Sensual connotations

What are words?

Do they slide into place?

Back and forth

In and out

soft and exhilarating

fast and slow

While they make you excited

Your body uncontrollably trembles

Your muscles quiver

Slowly they creep

They sleep in your brain

Unconcious caress

It is not neurotic

It is not in your neurons

It is not what you think

Because words after all

Are what you choose to believe

Words have no meaning

What are words

They are after all

What you wish them to be

Choose your words wisely