Wisdom Has No Age

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Silver strands woven into my hair

Finally growing into the body I always felt I was

older than my years inside

younger than my peers outside

with curves that called the flesh

and a mind that rejected the thought

of a permanent shallow existence

always older than my years

younger than I needed to look

always enough, but feeling not good enough

It took 48 years of pain, joy, suffering, happiness

anger, forgiveness, rejection, acceptance,

disillusion, honesty, to finally

fully realize, it was social conditioning

In a world of men, women can think too

I was never too loud or too much

I was always more than enough

Now it is your turn

To Hush

A letter on behalf of my Mother to her younger self.


Erase and Replace

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Erase the trauma

the ill-intended word

the I can’t, and you won’t

the, it is still not your turn

the, you are not lovable

you are too loud or too much

Replace with healing

with words of self-worth

you can and allow

it is always your right to vote

Erase the blocks of your life

and replace with what grows you

you are deserving of love

speak up take up space

time to shine

Daily Affirmations

Pain to Art

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Pain is a friend

suffering the inspiration

attachments, familiar, toxic

it seeps into the core

that is how great art is birthed

the most profound, touching work

emerged from tragedy

submerged in agony

exposed through art

for art is pain’s medium

inspiration on canvas

Pain is part of life

but we don’t have to live there

we only reminisce

through words, paint, music, or creations

The Synchronicity of Life or Coincidence

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To Hate is To Love

To Loose is To Win

To Have is To Not Have

The Paradox of Life

That you must know one

To appreciate the other

Synchronicity, Coincidence, Destiny, Events, Tonalli

We decide the meaning

We decide the journey

We accept the blessing or the lesson

Because we live regardless, every day

Until We Learn To Sail

Enough is NEVER Enough for The Ungrateful

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In the mirror

In the neighbor

In the next door

In the next thing

In the morning

In the night

In the wind

In the storm

In the light

In the dark


Is an inside job

You could have it all

You could have enough

You could have more than enough

Yet never enough

Yet still want

always looking, never finding

Never knowing, the present is the only constant

but for some NEVER Enough

Check Point

Wrong or Right?

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Wrong or Right?

Right or Wrong?

Can start a war

Can break a child

Can create friction

Can cause addiction

Wrong or Right?

Right or Wrong?

If you have to be Wrong or Right

Can you be Right or Wrong?

Who would be Wrong or Right?

What remains?

If you are not in?

You will be out?

Then you are simply happy

at peace, content, awake, present

choiceless is a choice

The Stages of Grief or Life as we know it

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the stages of grief

the states of life experience

everyone experiences

in no particular order

over and over for some

the longer you meddle in each

the longer the moment per stage

to heal is to know

life is always a moment

of anger to forgiveness

bargaining to acceptance

depression to happiness

acceptance to being in the present

duality of the journey

we call life