The Journey Begins

Once upon a time, I found myself without a voice, I saw a Shania Twain documentary, n let’s set the record straight, she’s awesome n I’m by far not Shania, I wish, but either way, when I saw that she had lost her voice a while back, back then I thought to myself, how can that be? Then one day, years later, it happened to me. Life changes, things happen you never thought possible n the wrong vibe can loose a voice. It was through writing, music, art, 2 kids, n noticing the support of others, that slowly but surely I found myself. I had to forgive n forget to find me. In this quest of redefinition I wrote a book, poetry,music, and learned to LIVE. I am new to blogging, writing, twitter. My book is in the draft stages at this time. I learned the word Indie in twitter n the more I interacted the more I learned. My Blog, a quest to share and celebrate life, passion, and the journey of an amateur writer, with its ups and downs. A journey perhaps others have taken, however new to me. Today, to be honest, I’m excited to have at least had the courage to type my first Blog. So hurray for me!!!! From Draft To Published. The Journey Begins!!!!!