Ink trails with words

The ink of a pen
what does it mend
the journey of steps
weight lifting up reps
the paper a writer
a verse travels higher
a note for a mile
or a vagabond’s trial
the ink of a pen
what does it mend
the water that flows
a child that grows
the woman with curves
for goodness it lures
or somebody’s mother
stand still and it rather
the ink of a pen
what does it mend
as the city will sleep
and she works hard to keep
the thought in a verse
the sight of some more
to wake and be honored
by the presence inspired
the ink of a pen
what does it mend
at times it may bend
but the ink of a pen
is a line that soon mends
Today more educational reading, the more I become brave in finding my voice the more I learn from others. It is not until at times we have the courage to speak that we find answers, in my case it has been that way. It is not until we stop the fear within us of making one more mistake that we dare take a step. To me, writing is more then words. Is a form of expression, is freedom, potential life, my children’s future, my voice. Today, working, thankful for that, I can start to save money to eventually publish. It is my first day of orientation, how nerve wrecking the first for everything is, first impression, first words, don’t say the wrong thing, don’t trip and fall, don’t spill your drink on yourself while others are talking, and the most important because I need to go, don’t be late. 🙂