The Shoes We Choose

The library, the place I learned about history, biorgraphies, fiction, non-fiction, magazines, newspapers, poetry, motivation, encouragement, leaders. The library was a safe place as a child for me to escape into a different world, learn about current events.  My mother was the first person to encourage and develop the hunger for knowledge and literature.

Sweet memories of my mother would be the books she encouraged us to read, watching her read every day, she would sit outside by her flowers as the day was about to end, lost in her literary world, a right she deserved and earned after a long day of taking care of us.

As I entered highschool, and I decided to try out for basketball she was reluctant at firs.  My father did not approve with my choice at the time.  He did not believe that a girl should play sports.  My mother was my biggest supporter.  She believed in me and encouraged me with words, “do your best” “you are smart” “don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t” “be humble, but wise.”  Was she perfect, no, she thought me that imperfection is not an obstacle, imperfection is a stepping stone to becoming a better version of yourself.  The words of my mother.

The Shoes she decided to wear were not always perfect, but then again neither were mine. We can only choose to learn, live a better present, and as a consequence improve our future. 

So on this mother’s day thank you mom for you.


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