Last time I saw Mandela..he was going strong at 90

What I liked the most about Mandela. The inner peace that reflected through his smile and his eyes. The ability to overcome his situation without loosing himself. His quotes and his love and philosophy on people. Proving the mind and negativity is the biggest prison, not the physical bars that held him in captivity. He defined his situation and not the opposite. In the end humanity is worth it. We all deserve life.

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Last time I saw you
You were going strong at 90
the person who moved the world
With his bare hands
And a smile
Which moved us all
Which crushed the evil in our hearts
We are indebted to you
With our lives and our humanity
Long may you live in the history of the world
Not the person who removed the apartheid
But the one who taught humanity to humans

AB 6 December, 2013
Photography: AB June 2008

20131206-110948 am.jpg

20131206-111002 am.jpg

20131206-111011 am.jpg

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