Airport arrival

imageWe are what we believe.Think positive


As I sit at the airport in Philadelphia waiting for transportation and time to hit the 3 pm mark, I can’t help but observe people as they walk by.  I read an earlier post about people watching and character development.  I must admit I never thought about it in those terms.  I agree, character development in some of our writings require observation.

I am glad I had the time to sit, observe, and think.  It allows me time to enjoy the moment and treasure each step. I have learned a lot about publishing, marketing, writing, public speaking. In the hussle of business it is nice to sit, be, and observe the interaction. The family waiting for a loved one, the lady visiting Philadelphia for the first time much like myself, the workers coming and going.

It is time for me to keep walking. This is the first experience in a state I had never visited before. Life is like that. People come and go, they stand they sit, catch a flight, flash a smile. Life is built from moments and we choose our moments much like we choose the characters we write about.


Excited to learn



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