Is it a rollercoaster
or a wall poster
the essence of perception
perhaps an objective observation
There is no relation
to before here and after
there is a correlation
to continue to move faster
slow faster slow faster
When you are on the floor
perhaps look up for more
when you find yourself sitting
one must keep on knitting
eventually stand up
and continue to walk
eventually you can run
looking forward never back
then suddenly you stop
silence stillness day and night
decide to stand and look around
and suddenly you are found
in a moment of steadiness
the moment of readiness
Life is about living
life is about loving
life is about falling
life is about standing
life is not a one man sorrow
or a soul that remains hollow
you stand, you breath, you see, you feel
and it all becomes part of life
and from that moment on
you live


It Will Come

My thoughts today, Life Cycles.

Syl65's Blog

Since The Beatles are my all-time favorite band and George is my favorite Beatle, this song inspired my words this poem.

The darkness will come

but not for long

for soon too will come the sun

the hours of anxiety and despair will pass

you will have peace

even if the day is clouded with doubt

never doubt that the sun is behind the clouds

ready to burst out and shine

no matter how things look or what the circumstances say

darkness is temporary

but that beautiful sun inside of you is here to stay

and with each new morning that rises

is an opportunity to shine just by being you

the darkness will come

but not for long

for soon too will come the sun

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