Believe in You


For every letter that is spoken
Every feeling is a token
To become what you believe
It is the life that we perceive
For if we see that life is bad
And all that remains is sad
Than there is no room to see
All that we can potentially be
It is a matter of choice not chance
That determines personal advance
It is not cowardly on corners
Or creating walls & borders
It is not by wars & violence
Or remaining caved in silence
That we turn our lives around
It is only by standing, rising & saying
Taking action, moving & praying
That we awaken to the possibility
Discover our ability
Has it not being shown by history
That it is no obvious mystery
From Martin Luther King, Gandhi & Rosa Parks
They showed our world how they made their marks
Not through divide & conquer
But through divine & prosper
And decide on this day
I choose to believe
I choose to live
I will stand and believe
In the end it comes to this
If we only have the courage to not miss
That the most important things can be solved
If we decide to courageously love


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