Christmas Spirit


In  morning I wake

and see through cleared lens

the things  that we take

To be happiness trends

In the Hussle and buzzle

 spirit, is not a great puzzle

but a Holiday Cheer

to be mindful & clear

to feel love & reflect

without fear or regret

for in this moment

we must state in this comment

that life is a gift

We are here to lift

our spirits in happiness

our spirits in understanding

our spirits in gladness

our spirits in greatness

if you look at another

a sister a brother

a friend or a mother

a son or a father

you might see just another thing

but if you look even closer

without guards at our disposal

and see through cleared lenses

you might find there are no fences

for on the other side

of each human we meet

if we dare to clear our lens

and leave silly pretense

there lies a heart, a mind, a soul

a life

in each human we meet

so this Christmas I say

let us be thankful I pray

for life is a gift

to each soul that we meet

as we unwrap presents

I learned a few lessons

The greatest gift of all

is not found in a mall

the love that we bring

is what makes the bells ring

with love

on this Christmas Eve



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