Chapter One in Poetry, Anger


volcanic explosions
thunderous emotions
tornado devotions
it is all a commotion
for what hurts us and makes us bleed
is a negative planted seed
It becomes the pain stimulations
triggered in every other, next situation
it sips on the walls, on the skin and the souls
it feeds on the minds the spirits, it is cold
it is never content until it feeds and it threads
thirsty for flesh and hunger for trends

Its’ eternal damnation
becomes first hand contemplation
as it gathers the right
to lack stillness and light
for if we have the right to be angry
we have the right to be hungry
to revenge and condemn
to lack peace and relent
to the negative motion
that is not a sweet devotion
what is there left to live
when we are unable to forgive?
what shall we expect to do
when life has gone and there is no more food?
we sit, we think, we forgive
we pray, we sleep, we sing
we write, we stand and look our our brother and sister
we look at our mother and daughter
we look at our son or our father and
and realize life is meant to be lived
the anger within
has not power in me

for anger is madness

it is a constant state of sadness

has no room for gladness


So forgive, forget, forgo and simply know

to stand in peace is to move forward and create change

to remain in madness is to circle, destroy and remain in the same

it’s ethereal isolation


2 thoughts on “Chapter One in Poetry, Anger

    (VULVA) Kath Mazzella

    They tell me my lump was nothing
    So just go home and do something
    Worry I do worry I might.
    Doesn’t anyone know I’m in a fright?

    My mother and sister had their breast removed
    I had to have my lump approved
    1000’s of women have them they say
    Just go home and have some play

    Through my anguish and insistence
    It was removed in an instance
    Slash, slash, slash
    It was cut until it was mash

    Sorry it was cancer,
    You will no longer be a dancer
    Slash, slash, slash
    They want to take some more
    And you will feel very poor

    Oh how my heart did ache!
    How much more could I take
    My sacred soul had gone
    Just how much longer can I go on?

    A flicker in my heart, said I’m not ready to part
    Alone I sit. Alone I stand
    I had to try and understand
    A look inside my hidden self
    Helped to put me back on the shelf

    I dropped everything if anyone would call
    Not considering myself at all
    I forgot to give myself some love
    As I look at the sky above

    Just like a chicken coming out of its shell
    I feel myself doing well
    Nothing is going to hold me down
    As I search around the town

    How could this happen to me
    I am here to make sure it doesn’t happen to thee
    Women have to stand up and unite
    For we will no longer be pushed out of sight

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