Good bye 2014-Hello 2015


What is a year?
Is the end near?
A Year in Review?
Or to start anew?
To shed the past
And make it be last
Make room for the fresh
Nourish spirit & flesh
For the year has gone by
And it’s time to say good bye
To the tears I have cried
The fears I tend to hide
The price has being paid
The path has being laid
For I have no room for sorrow
No further time to borrow
To hate nor disgrace
To argue and stress
I don’t care to live small
Nor do I wish to appall
For what is a dreamer
But a life’s pattern weaver
I don’t know why I envision
In the corners & walls
I don’t know why my vision
Can be clear as a mission
I understand to live, we become more than we are not
So gone are the days of sorrow & sadness
Gone are the days that lack calmness
Gone are the days of abundant reaction
Gone are the days with no satisfaction
It is definitely time to take action
A New Year is here
And not far, but quite near
Time to live in the moments
Laugh at Life’s torments
Love abundantly without comments
Motivate & Create Sonnets
Inspire without Laments
Good Bye to old father TIME
To a bolder, kinder, successful, happier, lovelier,present, accountable, engaging, fulfilled, educated, balanced, harmonious,peaceful,healthier, family filled, abundantly filled, relationship built, no limits of a Happy New Year.
Happy 2015🎉🍷☕️😘


Christmas Spirit


In  morning I wake

and see through cleared lens

the things  that we take

To be happiness trends

In the Hussle and buzzle

 spirit, is not a great puzzle

but a Holiday Cheer

to be mindful & clear

to feel love & reflect

without fear or regret

for in this moment

we must state in this comment

that life is a gift

We are here to lift

our spirits in happiness

our spirits in understanding

our spirits in gladness

our spirits in greatness

if you look at another

a sister a brother

a friend or a mother

a son or a father

you might see just another thing

but if you look even closer

without guards at our disposal

and see through cleared lenses

you might find there are no fences

for on the other side

of each human we meet

if we dare to clear our lens

and leave silly pretense

there lies a heart, a mind, a soul

a life

in each human we meet

so this Christmas I say

let us be thankful I pray

for life is a gift

to each soul that we meet

as we unwrap presents

I learned a few lessons

The greatest gift of all

is not found in a mall

the love that we bring

is what makes the bells ring

with love

on this Christmas Eve


Believe in You


For every letter that is spoken
Every feeling is a token
To become what you believe
It is the life that we perceive
For if we see that life is bad
And all that remains is sad
Than there is no room to see
All that we can potentially be
It is a matter of choice not chance
That determines personal advance
It is not cowardly on corners
Or creating walls & borders
It is not by wars & violence
Or remaining caved in silence
That we turn our lives around
It is only by standing, rising & saying
Taking action, moving & praying
That we awaken to the possibility
Discover our ability
Has it not being shown by history
That it is no obvious mystery
From Martin Luther King, Gandhi & Rosa Parks
They showed our world how they made their marks
Not through divide & conquer
But through divine & prosper
And decide on this day
I choose to believe
I choose to live
I will stand and believe
In the end it comes to this
If we only have the courage to not miss
That the most important things can be solved
If we decide to courageously love

Do You Know Yor Truth?


It crawled in the cracks of the road
or the boats, the words that took fold
In the wind it was whispered in letters
in the sky to the mountain down meadows
I ran and I walked
I crawled and back up
As I looked left and right
and I saw a bright light
I found what was there all along
the strength to me it belonged
I had no reason to hide
or have self righteous pride
I however deserved to fortify
and it was down to simplify
that we have the right to live
to talk, to speak and to give
we have the right to receive
to obtain in abundance perceive
We can be wrong, we can be strong
we can forgive we can belong
what is change but a need to progress
a need to move forward and never regress
as it crawled in the cracks of the road
or the boats, the word that took fold
it no longer was lost
it no longer was cast
Yes I walk with my head up high
and I talk with a voice filled with pride
of the things I have learned and the things I believe
I have no need to hate only to receive
the love we deserve and the life we were born
we are together and we are not torn
there is no perfect man, woman or keen
so if a stone is cast we shall not let it in
As I walk don’t mind my step
I have served and for days have wept
It will be with a straight back and unwavering faith
that I take another step and met my hard earned fate
I shall see you do the same
not in hate nor self talked lame
but in kindness and self loving gait
If one shall feel as if we deserve less
don’t mind my lack of attention, mean no disrespect
I must say it in one simple phrase
we deserve to be treated with outmost respect
it is in kindness, love, nourishment that flowers grow
it is bitterness, hate, malnourishment that nations fold
I see it in my brother, my sister, my father, my mother, my friend
that it is love that grows spirits and carries us to the end
I have not time for anything less
If I see otherwise, God Bless
For it is kindness, love, nourishment that breath life
It is bitterness, hate, malnourishment that lack sight
Let us not be blind
Courage, success, life, love, belongs to the ones who see